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We appreciate the opportunity to serve Tulsa and surrounding areas for all your water quality needs and concerns. We wouldn’t have been in business since 1946 if it wasn’t for our dedicated Culligan customers, family, and friends. We would like to say thank you for your time and your business. If you know of someone who could benefit from our services please fill out the form below and receive your choice of a free gift when they become part of our Culligan family.

We are awarding $10 for a bottled water account, $20 for a RO or BFC account, $30 for a softener account and $50 for a whole home account. You can receive this gift as a credit on your account or as a gift card to be used at any Hal Smith Restaurant (Includes Charleston’s, Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, Upper Crust, Pub W, Louie’s and more). We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Please note: the referral must buy and have their equipment installed before you will be eligible to receive a gift.

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One could say that I might be a little OCD when it comes to high quality drinking water. I would have to agree with that statement. Therefore I do strive to obtain high quality drinking water for myself and my family. This usually means sacrificing costs for this quality. I can safely say that Culligan’s water is in this echelon of water distributors. I always test the water I buy and drink and Culligan’s tests right at 0.00. This is as good as it gets folks. Is it as cheap as what you buy in a grocery store? No. But you can’t compare the water taste and quality! That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make any day. But that’s just me. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!
Culligan Customer
James Mann
- Culligan Customer